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1000 TON RHML Hydraulic Press
STOCK #100245


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Manufacturer: Hydraulic Power Corp. Ltd. (Ajax, ON) RHML
Construction: 4 post Tie-rod, Hydraulics Top Mounted
Model No.: 5423
Serial No.: 40572
Year: 1972 (?)

Capacity: 1000 Tons, Downstroke
Bed Area: 48" x 48" Clear Between Posts
Ram Area: 48" x 48"
Stroke: 24"
Daylight (no bolsters): 46"
Daylight (bolsters in): 34"
Bolster Plates: Two, 6" thick each, T-slotted both directions
Prefill Valve: Yes
Electrics: 575V/3Ph/60Hz
Power: 50 HP & 75 HP Main Hydraulic Pumps
Pumps: 2 Piston pumps; 1 Vane pump,  all @ 1170 RPM (all made by 
Operating Pressure: 2 x 3000 psi        1 x 2500 psi
Flow rate: 117 GPM (all three pumps combined)
Cylinders: Dual Mains (20"), Dual Pull Backs (8")

Fast Pressing Speed: 43" per minute
Pressing Spd., Full Load: 20.96" per minute
Return Speed: 119" per minute

Weight: 41 Short Tons (82,000 lbs)
Floorspace: 48" F-B x 76" L-R
Height: 16'6" (198") without oil cooler. (Oil cooler which is 
presently mounted on top could be mounted wherever desired)


No Pit, Modern Design, Flush to Floor
All Fabricated Construction
T-Slotted Bolsters
Water Cooled Oil Cooler
Prefill with 2 Speed Pumps Gives Rapid Advance


This press was originally in use by the well-known Massey Ferguson 
tractor company
 in Ontario, Canada and is an ALL-AMERICAN built machine, with ALL 
American standard
 components. While is now has some scoring on the mid-range of the 
 (and could use groove filling/polishing techniques to economically 
remove scores)
 depending on customer needs it has great potential to do your job.
 Any press like this, with a 4'x4' clear bed area, and 2' stroke and 
T-slots and with
 no pit can be readily adapted to just about any job within the 
 We can ship it lying down in one piece, fully assembled, on train, 
boat or truck.

PRICE....................: ${please call for price}

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